How to join LOUDER

Here's how to get involved in LOUDER

  1. Register your idea or event here

A member of the LOUDER team will then contact you to discuss your idea and how to support you.

  1. Plan what you will need to do to make it happen

Planning is crucial to the success of your idea/event. Decisions will need to be made about date, venue,  who to invite, your goals for your idea/event, target audience etc. Who will you need to involve in the organising? Is this something you can do on your own or would a small group of people be better? How can you make this a great event for your community as well as for LOUDER?

Search and download an event management checklist from the internet. If you create any promotional materials for your event that require the LOUDER logo, please contact us.

  1. Book what you need

Find a venue and get it booked, book in any planning meetings between now and October, assign tasks to organisers and dates to be done by.

4.  Start spreading the word!

Use Facebook, twitter, your networks at work/school/uni/church/sports clubs/community groups  and start spreading the word about what you are doing. For a sample press release, please contact us.

Keep LOUDER informed and we can help with publicity and promotional materials too.