Because Creative Artists have a voice, a strong voice. And it is time for our voice to be heard.

Why is LOUDER speaking out against human slavery?

  • Because more than 45 million people are currently enslaved.
  • Half have been trafficked for sexual exploitation.
  • One quarter of them are children.
  • Unicef estimates that every year 1.2 million children are sold and trafficked for the purpose of exploitation.
  • That’s one child every 27 seconds.

LOUDER believes we have to do something to stop this; and that we each have our part to play. Politicians have a part. Non-profit organisations have a part.

And Creative Artists have a part to play as well. The Arts move people. They bring about revolution and change. They give the voiceless a voice. A LOUD voice.

LOUDER believes our gifts are our strength. And that it is time for the Creatives of New Zealand to speak out LOUD and play our part in the fight against human slavery.

We have a LOUD voice. Let’s use it.