Why Hagar?

Because Hagar is an organisation that values creative arts; using them to facilitate the recovery of survivors of severe human rights abuses and slavery.

In the past 20 years Hagar has helped more than 15,000 women and children recover from the trauma of being trafficked, abused and sexually exploited. By providing emergency care, intensive counselling, safe shelter,  education, career training and employment, Hagar breaks the cycle of slavery and abuse by ensuring that women and children survivors are fully restored and no longer vulnerable to exploitation.

Hagar uses creative arts because the women and children brought to them are often so traumatised they are unable to speak for weeks, or even months. Creative activities play a vital role in engaging with  women and children survivors of human trafficking, helping them to express feelings, find their voice again and connect with their emotions. As their recovery journey continues, creative arts can also play a major role in developing practical skills, life skills, and self-esteem.

LOUDER sees supporting Hagar’s work as an opportunity for the creative community of New Zealand to use their gift to raise awareness and funds for anti-trafficking work.

LOUDER is an art festival with a purpose.

To find out what Hagar does, CLICK HERE