What is LOUDER?

The chance to use your creativity in a direct way in the fight against human slavery.

LOUDER is an annual festival of creative arts events (or any events) with the purpose of raising awareness about human trafficking and funds for anti-trafficking work, especially for Hagar’s work with women and children survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

LOUDER is an incredible opportunity for NZ artists to unite together as one LOUD voice in the fight against human slavery.

LOUDER is multi-disciplinary and open to artists from the visual arts, street art, dance, theatre & performing art, film, design, fashion, music, and crafts. It is open to all creative people in NZ whether professional or amateur; an individual or a group. If you do anything creative we would love you to get LOUD with us this October!

In 2014, when LOUDER was launched, we saw 10 LOUDER events in 5 cities throughout NZ, supported by artists in other centres selling work on TRADEME and doing public art! In Auckland, LOUDER was part of the Auckland Arts Week.

In 2015 LOUDER events were held in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

In 2016 LOUDER focussed on the art exhibition, “THRIVE’, held in Auckland.

For 2017 LOUDER, we are inspired to regain our momentum as a movement, and to empower artists to get LOUD against the trafficking of human beings.

LOUDER is the opportunity for NZ creative artists of all disciplines to unite together as one LOUD voice in the fight against human slavery.


Funds raised from LOUDER events will help support anti-trafficking work, especially Hagar’s work with women and children survivors.  As part of the recovery process for these survivors, Hagar uses Creative Arts as a means for survivors to open up and express their feelings, when using words might not be easy for them to do.

By participating in LOUDER, you will be a part of the recovery of hundreds more women and children from the trauma of human slavery.